Ethical hacking is a confusing concept and We can easily say that. Many people don't understand what an ethical hacker is and what an ethical hacker does. Is Ethical Hacking Real Work? Why are companies willing to pay large sums for ethical hacking? Why do people learn to be an ethical hacker? Let's explain what ethical hacking is!

So, let's start with the ethical hacking’s History. Over the past 10 years, thousands of organizations have been hacked and lost millions of dollars, reputation and customers. They also face legal problems because they cannot protect customer information being stolen. The point here is that some of these organizations, such as Sony, Yahoo, RSA, are large organizations. And they spend a lot of money on security so they don't get hacked. so that the information is not stolen. That's why they choose ethical hacking and decide to hire a hacker who tries to break into their system and tells how he managed to hack it. Ethical hacking is used to identify weaknesses in company systems. Get the best service of Ethical Hackers for Hire at Ehirehacker.

Ethical hacking professionals are hired by companies to hack their systems and report vulnerabilities. They help companies learn what precautions can be taken.

Hence, ethical hacking is a valuable skill today. As a result, there are several cybersecurity certificates as well as many cybersecurity courses to obtain these certificates.

What are the stages of ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking simulates what a malicious hacker would do to hack a company. Ethical hacking consists of 5 different stages as described in the CISSP certification training:

Stage 1: intelligence

During this phase, ethical hackers gather information about their victims. Basically passive information is available in public records, websites, and social media. They collect information such as email, contact information, hobbies, friends, activities, etc.

In the first stage, the ethical hacker can also collect technical information such as the victim's IP if the victim is a website. Ethical Hackers can obtain registration information, email addresses, and telephone numbers for contact persons.Ethical hackers can also obtain sensitive information such as work history or background information.

Stage 2: scanning

In the second phase, ethical hackers also collect information about their victims. However, this time the active information includes open ports on the victim's computer, services and applications, the operating system used by the victim, and network topology if the target is a network. With this information, Ethical Hackers perform advanced searches to find out which services, ports, applications or operating systems are vulnerable and can be used to hack the system. And how Ethical Hackers can hack this system with this vulnerability. So, Hire A Professional Hacker today from Ehirehacker.

Stage 3: gain access

In the first and second phases, Ethical Hackers have a clear idea of ​​the victim's system and vulnerabilities that can be used to hack the system and access information. So you will use it to gain access to the system. A system can be a personal computer, computer network, website, or wireless network.

Stage 4 ethical hacking: retaining access

After the third phase, the ethical hacker who has been able to hack into the system must still have access to it so he doesn't have to repeat all these steps in the future. This can easily be achieved by combining it with any system process. That way, system owners cannot get rid of ethical hackers. So hackers will always spy on this system.

Stage 5 of ethical hacking: covering the tracks

Since hacking is a crime, after hacking a system any malicious hacker tries to delete all log files and any evidence that can be used against it. Ethical hackers must follow the same steps to verify that the company registration system is effective and that log files can be properly captured or tampered with by malicious hackers.

Finally, after all of these phases, the ethical hacker needs to write a report explaining what he did in each phase, what the results were, and the correct precautions he or she recommends. So, Hire A Hacker Online from Ehirehacker and leave the tension of being hacked.

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